Monday, February 20, 2006

Media corporation appoints new manager

Media giant TinEast announced today that they have appointed a monkey named Bo-Bo as the new manager of their global communications empire.

Spokesperson; Tania Harris, said that TinEast believes that Bo-Bo will bring a “fresh and exciting feel” to the global media company.

“He has a great sense of programming” said Ms Harris. “It was amazing how he really took a liking to the content we are already broadcasting and he has expressed some interesting new ideas”.

Bo-Bo has a background in children’s entertainment, which the board of TinEast believes will be beneficial to their recently announced focus on after-school entertainment.

Ms Harris said that Bo-Bo had excellent strengths in public relations. “I saw him spit and defecate on someone who had the gall to complain about our new Primetime Porn programming, it was amazing the way he handled the situation”.

When asked how he thought his skill set would benefit TinEast, Bo-Bo blew a raspberry and gave the assembled journalists the finger. Although some journalists were surprised by this response, TinEast board members clapped and cheered.

Bo-Bo takes up his new position later next week.

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