Monday, February 27, 2006

Catholicism for Dummies

A pictorial aid to the recently released "Catholicism for Dummies" book.

This is a Mass:

This is not a Mass:


Not Bishops:

Official Catholic teaching:

Not official Catholic teaching:

The Pope:

Not the Pope:


Anonymous said...

Would that be Sister Joanie in the last shot?? Don't know why she bothers to call herself Catholic anymore!

Brian Michael Page said...

I'm thinking of going up to that lady in the "not the Pope" picture, and doing like the baby on that old show "Dinosaurs" - that is, whack her across the head with a pan and yell out "not the mama!"



Brian Michael Page said...

Hey, that Sr. Joan --- well well well, I guess she's writing for the National Catholic Distorter now.


Joee Blogs said...

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