Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New products for Ash Wednesday!

International company; Easy Ecclesiology, is proud to announce the following new line of products especially for Ash Wednesday.

The Ash-O-Matic 5000:

This well engineered device allows you to administer the Ashes to multiple penitents in one easy pull of the trigger.

Petrol, diesel, and electric models available
Stealth engine limits excess noise
Nozzle can be set for wide or narrow spray
Very little training required; simply load the palms and the Ash-O-Matic 5000 does the rest
Self cooling so that altar severs can handle immediately after use

Father Karl Smith prepares for his Ash Wednesday Mass with the new Ash-O-Matic 5000

The AW777 Glove:

No more messy fingers or need to worry about extra towels and bowls of water after administering Ashes.

Simply put on the AW777 Glove and begin the administering!

This clever glove is self-loading and all you have to do is make the Sign of the Cross and press the button as you do so.

Comes in several different colours and features multiple buttons so that you can develop your own “style” of administering the Ashes.

Simply remove and wash in warm soapy water after use.

Also available in the "liturgical gold" AW777 pen option:

And something just for Priestless Parishes…

The PP Ash-Matic:

If your parish is without a priest this Ash Wednesday; no need to worry!

Our new PP Ash-Matic means no more missing out on the Ashes just because you don't have a parish priest anymore!

Parishoners simply place thier heads in the PP Ash-Matic and line up thier forhead in the handy view finder, which also doubles as a retinal eye scanner for ID confirmation that the recipient is actually a local parishoner.

Parishioner Bob Crisp is administered Ashes, despite his parish’s lack of a priest, care of the new PP Ash-Matic


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