Tuesday, August 22, 2006

San Francisco Catholic Charities “lead the way”

Just weeks after San Francisco Catholic Charities announced that they had found a compromise in handling cases of adoption of children to homosexual partners, other San Francisco diocesan departments have decided to follow their example.

Brian Cahill, the head of the diocesan-funded Catholic Charities, announced that three staff members will be working with a non-profit adoption agency, California Kids Connection, that has no moral qualms about placing children in homosexual households.

Cahill said he believes this compromise with what the Vatican sees as a “grave evil” will be in keeping with Catholic directives not to be “directly involved in the placement” of a child in a gay household .

Now other diocesan departments have announced similar changes to the way they operate.

David Rankin, of the San Francisco diocesan Life and Family department, announced yesterday that “we obviously don’t refer women for abortions, as that would be gravely immoral, so from now on all women who come to us with a crisis pregnancy will be referred to the local Planned Parenthood clinic for counseling.”

San Francisco priest; Father Stuart Smyth, told his parish last Sunday that it would obviously be “immoral” for him to supply parishioners who think that the Catholic Church is the “whore of Babylon” with anti-Catholic publications about this issue. “Instead I will now be referring parishioners who think that the Church is the scarlet woman from the book of Revelation to the Jack T. Chick Foundation for counseling and support” Father Smyth told his parishioners at Sunday Mass last week.

Changes have also been announced at the San Francisco Diocesan Marriage Counseling Centre.

“We deal with a lot of husbands who struggle with pornography, something that the Church is obviously very opposed to” said Sheena Kratz, head of the Marriage Counseling Centre.
“From now on, we will be referring all husbands who struggle with pornography to Tony’s Adult Bookstore for advice on this very important matter” said Ms Kratz.
It is uncertain how many other departments in the San Francisco diocese will follow the lead of San Francisco Catholic Charities.

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