Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Liturgical Experimenter’s guide to Lent

Welcome to another edition of the Liturgical Experimenter’s Guide; today we will be focusing on the rather seasonal topic of Lent.

As you are probably well aware Lent is the purple season, and what better way to encourage the parish community to enter more fully into the season of Lent than by holding Barney Liturgies every Sunday in Lent?

That’s right folks, the purple people eater himself is the perfect sacramental sign to promote this most purple and penitent of seasons.

A) He’s purple

B) He’s a dinosaur who abstains from eating human flesh


Here's Barney leading the parish children’s liturgy in a Marty Haugen song during Communion - now that’s what I call active participation in the liturgy!

Barney greets the ushers before Mass – have you ever seen such happy parishioners in your parish?!

Barney and the Eucharistic Ministers prepare for Communion:

We all know that Lent is about penance, but who says that Lent has to be boring?!


Virtualawrence said...
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Virtualawrence said...

This isn't that funny to those of us who have actually seen this very thing on YouTube (or worse, in person :|)


Brian Michael Page said...

Hilarious as usual. I did something similar over at the CV digs - the Barney Blessing foiled by...


Brian Michael Page said...

But then, looking at the picture captions, Barney and all those kids would more appropriately be captioned as singing a Carey Landry song (though the Marty Haugen idea is in the right direction LOL), or perhaps on their way to Never Land.

gonz780213 said...

Great post! Greetings from Peru.

smacrusader said...

Lawrence is correct. I have know Fr. Fred Bailey (from the Youtube video) since he was a youth group director at St. Boniface in Anaheim (from the late 70s to the early 80s) while he was a seminarian at St. John’s in Camarillo, CA. This has been his MO for decades – life is one big party and he’s GOT to be the life of it – right smack in the center.

Sadly, it truly seems that he was attracted to the AmChurch priesthood by the many “perks” of the job: being center-stage every Sunday in front of a captive, adoring audience, waiting with baited-breath for his every clever quip and witty tale; the endless stream of invites to dinners, brunches and parties from parish elites and admiring minions; being showered with gifts every holiday, birthday and on many other occasions. He relishes the limelight, the stature and status his position brings him. He has always been quite the socialite and his charming, bubbly, fun-loving and oh so “inclusive” personality is the basis for many people’s assessment of how wonderfully “pastoral” he is as a priest. Just don’t bring up any of that rigid, exclusivist Catholic dogma stuff. It’s so behind the times and is such a buzz-kill at parties! Can’t let that pesky “priesthood” thing get in the way of a good time! But as with all modernist Catholics – clergy and laity alike – he can get so very EXCLUSIVE and RIGID, downright AUTHORITARIAN, with those who disagree with him theologically or liturgically! He knows what’s best for his “flock.” Just sit down, shut up and go along for the ride. (It’s funny how very closed-minded and inflexible these people can be when presented with any Catholic idea, thought or writing that dates from before 1965.)

That he put on a Barney costume for the finale of his self-worship service is only fitting – he has professed his “sock-puppet theology” (great phrase from another blog thread!) for years and shows no signs of changing it now.

I sincerely pray for his conversion and that of the many Catholics who cling to the Post-Conciliar ecumeniacal folly instead of eternal Catholic Truth.

Our goal as Catholics is the conversion of heretics, not convergence with them.