Monday, February 19, 2007

New products for Ash Wednesday 2007

International company; Easy Ecclesiology, is proud to announce the following new product line especially for Ash Wednesday 2007…

The "don't show your good works before men" Catholic Wig:

Ever been harassed by a fellow work colleague or racket ball partner on Ash Wednesday, just because you had a black ash cross on your forehead?

Well the Easy Ecclesiology company is proud to offer a real solution to this embarrassing situation.

The Discreet Catholic Wig comes in seven fashionable styles and four colour options; just check out these hip options for a more discreet Ash Wednesday experience:

The Metallica:

Hillbilly punk:

The Bon Jovi:

The Chuck Norris:

The early Michael Jackson:

And for the ladies…

The blonde early Michael Jackson:

$49.95 plus P&P is all it takes to save yourself any more Ash Wednesday embarrassment!

1 comment:

K T Cat said...

How about the Yul Brenner?

Er, that wouldn't work, would it?