Monday, February 19, 2007

Euthanasia promoter accidentally kills himself during suicide workshop

Euthanasia advocate, Dr. Will Killu, died earlier today while conducting one of his self-titled “suicide workshops” for doctors and other medical professionals.

Surprised participants initially had no idea that Dr Killu was dying in front of them as he demonstrated his custom “Death with dignity” TM plastic bag.

“He placed the bag over his head and then pulled the draw string and next thing you know he was writhing on the ground” said workshop participant Dr. Ira Jansen.

“We all thought he was pulling a prank. I mean, after all, he had just finished explaining to us about how his Death with dignity bag TM offered a truly peaceful and dignified way to end the life of a patient, and here he was convulsing and writhing on the ground in front of us” said Dr. Jansen.

It seems that many of Dr. Jansen’s fellow medical professionals who were also attending the workshop thought that Dr Killu was playing a trick on them, and as a result no one actually came forward to investigate what was happening to him for more than 15 minutes, at which stage he was already dead.

Initial media reports had suggested that Dr. Killu had intentionally used his suicide workshop for doctors and medical professionals to end his own life, but his wife Clara has strongly rejected such suggestions.

“Will would have never taken his own life; he just thought that euthanasia was a great way to become famous and make money from lonely elderly people” said Clara Killu during a phone interview earlier today.

Mrs Killu says that she plans to continue the euthanasia advocacy of her late husband Will, and she hopes to release a special suicide bag in his honour called the “Will Killu Bag”.


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